Integrative Therapy

Woodbury Senior Living is pleased to offer a variety of integrative therapies to enhance your well-being. Integrative therapies are also known as complementary therapies or healing art therapies. We offer a wide array of healing practices that fall outside a purely pharmaceutical or surgical treatments and are intended to complement traditional treatment practices.

Healing Music: C. A.R.E Channel (Channel 7.1) is programmed on your TV and is filled calming music and continuous nature scenes.

Music Therapy: traditional music therapy implemented by a music therapist.

Guided Imagery: The practice of using your imagination to direct your thoughts towards healing. This therapy is clinically effective in reducing pain, anxiety, and promoting sleep. Listening to an audio CD created specifically for your conditions, you can relax and let your imagination take you on a journey towards better health and well-being.

Energy-Based Healing Modalities are gentle, noninvasive treatments that work to restore the natural flow and balance of the body’s energy system. In times of stress, injury or illness this energy system can become congested, blocked or unbalanced. Specially trained practitioners in the use of Healing Touch or Reiki, use their hands to clear, energize and rebalance the subtle energy field of a person. The 15-30 minute treatment session, which may include light touch to the body often, creates a deep sense of relaxation, sleep, and/or a reduction in pain and nausea symptoms. This deep sense of relaxation allows the body to be in the best condition for healing.

Essentials Oils trigger the limbic system of the brain, which impact mood, emotions, memory and learning. Essential oils also shift our physiology and have been shown to reduce anxiety, pain, and nausea symptoms and supports post surgical healing. Essential oils are extracts of plants used to restore balance to the body and emotions through the sense of smell.

Hand and Foot Massage: The gentle use of touch to massage the hand and foot is a therapeutic way to soothe the muscles and nerve endings and to bring about deeper relaxation for the whole body. Essential oils may be used based on the patient’s preference.